About Biztech

Meet The Original Service Provider In New York

Biztech is an established, family-owned business. We have served the New York metro area since 1947.

Reliable, State-Of-The-Art Technology & Services
From typewriters to computers, we adapt to new technologies to provide our customers with the latest products and services.  As your IT department, we ensure your business is running smoothly with the latest technology and guarantee confidentiality.
All Businesses, All Industries
We offer IT services for businesses of all sizes, including voice services. We specialize in real estate, healthcare, law, media and finance, and are experienced in FINRA and HIPAA compliance.
Your Needs Always Come First
We are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for your business, either in person or remotely. We believe that your needs as the customer come first and we cater services to your unique business. We offer 24/7 customer service, and are just a call, email or click away.
Biztech was called Ajax Typewriter, Inc. in the 1950s.

Valued Vendors & Partners


Your Trusted IT Partner In New York

We are New Yorkers and proud of it.

Many businesses talk about “disaster recovery” and “business continuity,” but we’ve lived through it and prevailed. Transportation, freight elevators, electrical requirements, building regulations, insurance, labor trades and the unexpected negotiation – none of it fazes us. We know what it takes to operate a successful business in NYC.

We offer white-glove, quality service for our customers and feel responsible for our clients’s businesses 24/7.

We are a mature company that anticipates our clients’ needs as well as the evolution of technology around us.

We've helped our clients operate remotely during building evacuations, street closings, flood damage, power outages and other assorted disasters.

We relocated entire organizations after hurricane Sandy made parts of Manhattan uninhabitable.

We served construction companies working to clear the debris after 9/11.

We can provide temporary voice and data access when Verizon blacks out entire neighborhoods.

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